Professional Communication and Presentation Skills & Public Speaking

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Students: Max 10
  • Skill Level: Beginner To Advance
  • Language: English/Arabic

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Professional Communication

Course Overview

The Professional Communication and Presentation Skills & Public Speaking course is designed to help individuals develop their communication and presentation skills. It covers topics such as preparing and delivering presentations, using visual aids effectively, building rapport with the audience, handling questions and objections, and overcoming stage fright. The course also teaches participants how to use body language, tone of voice, and effective storytelling to engage and inspire their audience. Whether you're giving a sales pitch, delivering a training session, or speaking in front of a large audience, this course will equip you with the skills you need to communicate effectively and deliver dynamic and impactful presentations.

Professional Communication and Presentation Skills & Public Speaking Course Outline

    1.   Introduction to Effective Communication

  • Importance of effective communication skills in a professional setting
  • Barriers to effective communication and strategies to overcome them
  • Types of communication and choosing the appropriate communication style
  • 2.   Preparing and Delivering Engaging Presentations

  • Identifying the purpose and audience for the presentation
  • Planning and structuring the presentation effectively
  • Using visual aids and other presentation tools to enhance engagement
  • 3.   Public Speaking Skills

  • Techniques for projecting confidence and authority
  • Vocal techniques to improve clarity and impact
  • Body language and non-verbal communication strategies
  • 4.   Handling Questions and Feedback

  • Strategies for handling questions and feedback effectively
  • Active listening techniques to enhance communication and understanding
  • Responding to challenging questions or feedback with confidence and tact
  • 5.   Overcoming Nervousness and Anxiety

  • Techniques for managing nervousness and anxiety before and during presentations
  • Strategies for staying calm and focused under pressure
  • Building self-confidence and self-assurance in public speaking
  • 6.   Practicing and Receiving Feedback

  • Opportunities to practice and refine presentation and public speaking skills
  • Peer feedback and evaluation to identify areas for improvement
  • Personalized coaching and feedback from the instructor
  • 7.   Applying Skills to Professional Settings

  • Using effective communication and public speaking skills in the workplace
  • Tailoring communication style and techniques to specific professional contexts
  • Developing a personal action plan for ongoing improvement and development