• Duration: 2 Friday
  • Students: Max 10
  • Skill Level: Beginner To Advance
  • Language: English

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Course Overview

HABC TRAIN THE TRAINER Level 3 is a certification program designed for individuals who want to become proficient trainers. This course covers all aspects of training, including planning and designing training sessions, delivering effective training, and evaluating training outcomes. The program emphasizes the importance of understanding different learning styles, creating engaging content, and using interactive methods to facilitate learning. Upon completion, participants will have the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver successful training programs and become effective trainers themselves.

HABC TRAIN THE TRAINER Level 3 Course Outline

    1.   Understanding the Learning Process

  • Theories of learning and how to apply them to training
  • Understanding different learning styles and preferences
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • 2.   Developing Training Materials

  • Identifying training needs and objectives
  • Developing training materials that meet learning outcomes
  • Incorporating visual aids and technology in training materials
  • 3.   Delivering Effective Training

  • Techniques for effective communication and engagement with learners
  • Managing difficult learners and challenging behaviours
  • Managing time effectively during training
  • 4.   Evaluating Training Outcomes

  • Methods for evaluating training effectiveness
  • Using feedback to improve future training sessions
  • Maintaining accurate training records
  • 5.   Health and Safety in Training

  • Understanding health and safety legislation and regulations
  • Identifying potential hazards and risks in the training environment
  • Creating a safe and healthy learning environment
  • 6.   Assessing Learner Performance

  • Different types of assessment methods and how to use them effectively
  • Providing feedback to learners on their performance
  • Recording and reporting assessment results
  • 7.   Developing Your Own Training Programme

  • Applying the knowledge and skills gained during the course to develop your own training programme
  • Presenting your training programme to the group for feedback and evaluation